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What Is The HCG Diet?

    HCG Diet Information

    Recently the HCG Diet plan has become a popular way to lose weight. Some compare the diet as an alternative to the Atkin plan, where dieters cut off carbohydrates; But the truth is the HCG plan is not just a simple diet, the plan is a hormone treatment combined with a specific diet to go along with the treatment.


    How does the HCG Diet Plan work?

    hcg-dropsHCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone produced when a woman is pregnant. During pregnancy women releases HCG hormones in higher quantities.


    The HCG hormone signals the “Hypothalamus” gland in the brain to burn abnormal fat stored in the body, to make sure the fetus is getting sufficient nutrients regardless if the mother is eating enough or not. This action helps break down, abnormal fat levels in the body leading to weight loss.


    Getting Started With The HCG Diet Plan

    Dr Simeons is a pioneer of the HCG Diet plan. Simeons started using the hormone to help his overweight patience almost 49 years ago. The studies revealed that when the HCG hormone is combined with extremely low caloric intakes, it has significant weight loss results.


    The diet works by breaking down abnormal fat stored in the body. Additionally the unwanted fat is use to created energy, and suppresses appetite, making it easier for most people to stick to a low caloric regimen.


    hcg-low-calorie-dietDr. Simeons found the diet plan to work best when people eat as low as 500 calories a day.


    For most people who start a diet, the hardest part is dealing with sugar and complex carbohydrate cravings. The HCG hormone suppresses appetite and controls sugar cravings.


    After years of research and studies, there were not any negative side effects found on people who use the diet plan to lose weight.


    For those who are worry about potential HCG dangers, there hasn’t been any side effects reported, related to the hormone. In-fact the treatment has become popular because of the testimonials and positive reviews that users are sharing.


    Always make sure to do the necessary research to find a supplement that works for YOU.


    Finding The Best HCG Diet Supplement

    Some people may believe they can lose weight by simply eating 500 calories a day, but there are actually several benefits to properly supplementing with the HCG hormone while on a low calorie diet.


    hcg-diet-planWith out the proper use of the HCG hormone in the diet, the body will start burning muscle mass instead of burning excess fat for energy. This will cause the body to fell tired, weak and with low energy.


    The HCG hormone helps the body target abnormal fat, instead of using muscle for energy; giving the body the fuel and energy it needs to thrive on a 500-calorie diet.


    After the HCG diet plan became popular, there was a high demand to make the supplement easier to take and more accessible to people.

    Initially HCG hormones were given to patience using inconvenient injections. Now most people use oral drops or tablet formulas that have the same results as the injections.


    4 Phases of the HCG Diet Plan

    The HCG diet protocol has 4 phases that it goes through when is use for weight loss. All phases of the diet are important but the most important phase is the 2nd phase, which targets the low calorie diet of the treatment. To start the HCG Diet, there are some guidelines to follow.




    The Following is a quick review of the 4 phases of the HCG Diet Plan:

    Phase #1 – Loading - This phases last for 2 days. To explain this phase in a simple way, during this phase the individual eats natural foods high in fats, such as avocados and coconut meat. Start using the HCG drops or tablets along with the natural high fat foods.


    Phase #2 – Starting the Low calorie diet – This is the phase where you are going to eat as low as 500 calories a day for a period of 20 - 40 days. This allows the body to burn anywhere from 2,000 to 5,0000 calories. During this phase you are allowed to eat 2 servings of protein, 2 servings of veggies and 2 fruits per day. While on this phase is also important for individuals to drink plenty of water, to keep the body hydrated.

    During phase 2 the drops or tablets should be taking every day to ensure the body is burning abnormal fat for energy instead of muscle mass.


    Phase #3- Stabilization - During this phase, which lasts 3 days, the diet allows the body to restore metabolism and help the body maintain the weight that was lost. For best results stay eating a diet low in sugars and complex carbohydrates. During this phase is recommended to stop taking the HCG supplement, to allow the hormone to start leaving the body.


    Phase #4 – Create healthy habits - after using the HCG diet for several days, your body will start getting use to eating less, and you will start feeling satisfy with small meals.


    While doing the HCG diet is important to be consistent and keep on eating low calories, everyday. The HCG diet plan helps people lose anywhere from 1 to 2 kilos per day. This diet has found to be safe for most people and there are no side effects related to the diet, however if you are concern about your safety with this diet is best to consult your physician.


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